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DummiesCollege helps students who have been disrupted by the pandemic to find short lectures made by fellow students around the world.

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Students all over lack collaborative remote learning tools

According to the world bank, more than 1.6 billion students around the world have been put out of school due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

#1 effective collaborative learning

Made for students by students

We tap into the cheap and inexhaustible knowledge base of students around the world. Students create 10-minute lectures that are easily understood by others.

#2 Spaced repetition

But no one can learn anything in 10minutes

All lectures are free and available to other students

 Content creators make money through ads

A primary information source and a bait to other sources

#3 Fast way to learn anything

A fast way to absorb hard or easy knowledge

Short lectures are fun, increase student engagement, and are taught by other students thus they are easier to understand.

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